Digital Vision was founded in 1995 to aid small and medium-sized businesses in making informed computer-related business decisions.  As the company evolved, we spent considerable effort in developing the services we felt would best serve a small business.  In addition to the founders expertise in networks and databases, we concentrated our training on the Internet, the evolving Windows client and server operating systems, virtual office solutions, and staying current with new hardware and software out in the market.  We recruited a core staff with expertise in these areas and formed alliances with other consultants who were experts in those areas that we lacked experience in.

Over time web development emerged as the most requested service, so we began to concentrate our efforts in the areas of web design, graphics development, JavaScript and ASP scripting to give database lookup functionality to our websites.  Many companies asked us to design logos for them and then business cards and letterhead with the new logo designed into them.  So we dove into business graphics and began designing logos, business cards, posters, flyers, brochures and original electronic art at customers request.

Finding a consultant with whom you have a rapport and trust should not be a difficult task.  This is cornerstone of Digital Vision's mission statement and it is our belief that has allowed our business to remain steady through the fluctuations in the economy.

Please feel free to give us a call if you live or work in the Seattle area.