Network, Server, Firewall, Router, VPN and PC Setup and Configuration
Specializing in small to medium-sized business Local Area Network and Wide Area Network design and implementation.  This usually includes server hardware and software setup, configuration of firewalls and routers, VPN (Virtual Private Network) set-up for secure remote access and all associated PC configuration changes.  This often involves installing and configuring wireless LANs and secure Internet access based on customer needs.  Web server setup and website development (see below) complement our service base.

Website Design and Development
We can help you design and build your Internet presence.  We have strong background in both the artistic and technical sides of website design.  This includes graphics design and website / page layout, Java and JavaScript coding, and web server and database server interconnectivity.  Intranets have emerged over the last ten years as the best way to host employee services, share office procedures, implement help desk services, etc. for your internal office environment.  We can make both your Internet (external) and Intranet (internal) web presence look professional and maximize it's usefulness by being well organized and intuitive.  We can make it easily maintainable by any staff member from their office PC.

Logo Design
Digital Vision received so many requests for logo design, it became apparent that this was a service that clients were having trouble finding reasonably priced providers for.  Since graphics and image development are a large part of website design, we began to provide logo design as a service as well.  The largest cost item of logo development is copyright infringement research and trademark / copyright filing.  Most of our clients are smaller local companies less concerned about trademark filing than creating a professional image.  If copyright infringement research and trademark / copyright filing is something you desire, we'd be happy to put you in touch with many reputable firms that can handle that.  Basic logo design can be inexpensive and a professional image can give your product marketing the edge it needs to stand out from the competition.

Business Graphics Design
Several firms that we've designed logos for asked if we could design their business cards and letterhead as well.  We've added business card, letterhead, marketing brochure, map, event flyer and mailer, poster, customized invoice, line card, specialty card, customized header and web graphics design to our service base and have kept the cost of this to the customer at a minimum.  Check out of Portfolio - Business Graphics section for examples of all of those.  Most graphics design firms charge several thousand dollars for logo development, business card, letterhead and other business graphics design.  Digital Vision provides these services at a fraction of that cost.  Microsoft and Xerox are among the list of firms we regularly provide business graphics for.